★Prawn Points★

Prawn Points is our way of saying thank you for your continuous support at CutePrawnStudios.com!

Upon creating an account, you can start earning points to redeem various rewards.


How to earn Prawn Points:

  • Sign up: 100 Prawn Points
  • On your birthday: 100 Prawn Points
  • Make an order: 10 Prawn Points for every $1 spent
  • Follow @cuteprawnstudios on Instagram/Twitter: 50 Prawn Points each
  • Refer a friend: 100 Prawn Points for you, 10% off coupon for your friend

For more details on how to earn Prawn Points, click on the star-shaped badge in the bottom right corner of the screen.

How to spend Prawn Points

  • 10% off coupon: 300 Prawn Points
  • 20% off coupon: 500 Prawn Points

To spend your Prawn Points, click on the star-shaped badge in the bottom right corner of the screen.